Population : 810 inhabitants
Country: France
Department : Haute-Savoie
Official language: français 
Tipping: Prices in hotels, restaurants, taxi fares, etc., are calculated to include taxes and service. A tip, therefore, is not indispensable, but justified for good service.
Money: Swiss Francs (CHF). 1 CHF is divided in 100 centimes.
Exchange: 1 euro = CHF 1,15 / 1 dollar = 0,90.-CHF 

Tourism office www.yvoiretourism.com, Tel : 00 33 4 50 72 80 21 

Highlights :

Le bourg médiéval : Dating from the 14th century, you can Enter into the history of this ancient fishing village, from the Middle Ages.

The labyrinth, Garden of the five senses: www.jardin5sens.net In the heart of the village, the castle’s former kitchen garden restored in medieval style has been transformed into a spot of rest and dream : a plants labyrinth changing with hours and seasons, a timeless walk of discovery for all ages, a universe of colours, scents, sounds and textures.

Le Domaine de Rovorée - La Châtaignière : It is a Protected Nature Area. It has a remarkable group of chestnut trees which are several hundred years old.

The Compagnie Générale de Navigation du Léman offer you transports Through the Leman Lake as well as cruises with big steamers ‘Belle Epoque’ www.cgn.ch.
The crossings connects Yvoire-Nyon-Geneva   

Cruise with solar boat : www.helionaute.com
With its solar-powered electric engine, solar boat will take you on a smooth and very quiet cruise aroud the Presqu’Ile du Leman or Leman Peninsula..   

Looking for a place to eat? Looking for shops? 
You will find easily many places to eat, either specialities from the lake or typical local food and there is plenty of shops if you want souvenirs in all the streets.